Geothermal wells

Geothermal applications are a recognized reality. They can guarantee a substantial contribution to the containment of energy consumption of buildings, both for aspects related to winter air conditioning and for those connected to air conditioning in summer.

The continuous research and the renewed investments in this sector have allowed us to grow, until becoming a leading company in the construction of large diameter wells, up to 1,500 mm for geothermal use with low enthalpy.

Two new multi-system drilling rigs purchased in 2012 and 2014 have increased our possibilities relative to the construction of large-diameter geothermal wells, even in historic city centers and in contexts with very complex logistics situations. Our machines and service equipment are modern, efficient and with a low environmental impact. This means less time, less noise, less emissions.

In 2012 we registered a patent for energy recovery through the geodetic leap of the yield wells, a system that makes the construction of geothermal wells possible even where the deep level of the groundwater seems to exclude any possibility.

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