Maintenance of water wells

We have always paid specific attention to solutions of problems affecting existing wells.
A creative technical office and our internal mechanical workshop have developed reliable technologies to carry out every type of intervention.
Among these we remember:
  • Window glazing with controlled light opening, starting from diameter 1"1/2 - yes, you’ve read well, 1" 1 -, 48 mm pipes;
  • IDROJETGROUTING to carry out and restore cementations between layers in existing wells;
  • IDROREAMER® to repair localized damages of the pipes by casing-patch application;
  • IDROGELO our process with carbon dioxide to restore the efficiency of the wells;
  • HYDROPULS® the treatment to regenerate the wells introduced by us in 2006;
  • IDROJETTING-TOOL with high pressure pumps and minimal size installations, specially set up for interventions in small spaces;
  • Mechanical removal of fouling with steel or nylon brushes for all types of pipes and filters;
  • Chemical treatments with tested and certified products;
  • Video-inspection with high resolution camera for wells up to 500 meters and for diameters from 2 ";
  • Advanced systems for data acquisition (levels, flow, temperature, pressure) during flow tests or system checks;
  • Securing multiple aquifers wells by excluding one or more layers.
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