Day by day IDROGEO invest in its facilities and in its confined well drilling rigs.
Experience gained in well drilling has always been transferred to the development of rigs and equipment, they are all designed and manufactured in our workshop or built for us by the most important drilling machines company. We value our reputation.
We always spur our staff and involve them in our company policy for:
  • Meet customer expectations and needs;
  • Improve and consolidate our position in the market;
  • Secure the highest levels of safety and reliability in our daily activities
  • Ensure compliance with the delivery times of orders.

The systems currently supplied, and the use of all drilling techniques allow us to reach depths of up to 1,000-1,200 meters, and to build large diameter wells, up to 48 ", at depths up to 500 - 600 meters.
Our resourcefulness and advanced technical skills helped us to successfully face challenges considered unlikely for others.
Among our works, we remember:
  • Deepening wells with widening of the diameter below the shoe starting from diameter 220 mm, also in PVC pipes (from 220 to 450 mm, from 290 to 700 mm);
  • Reconstruction of the wells with the extraction of the old pipe and restoration with one or more new production columns
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