Works references

Our company has been operating for many years for the main Public Bodies on national soil and for private companies of primary importance in all industrial sectors and also in the agricultural sector, with references both to implementation of new wells and maintenance of existing ones, we can face all these theme thanks to our ability to use of all the techniques available on the market and also thanks to personalized elaborations to create a tailormade solution for individual cases that arise from time to time.

The relative detailed list of the works would be extremely heavy, always be incomplete and subject to updates continuous; therefore, we consider it useless to produce a tedious list of services performed and we nevertheless make ourselves available to those who want to go into the details of this topic.

We quote as an example some of the main Public Bodies for which we have performed and are performing works: Milan Metropolitan Water Service Milan, CAP Holding Milan, Brianzacque srl Monza, Iren spa in its Emilian locations, Padania Acque Cremona, A2a Milan, Acqua Novara, Uniacque Bergamo, Waters of Campania and many others.

It is important to point out that we do not have geographical limitations to the movements to be made and we can count among the jobs carried out also contracts successfully completed abroad (Morocco, Albania, Hungary,France). In this regard, our company is an active part in the Consorzio Idricom, a consortium, recently founded, among Italian water well drilling companies of primary importance in order to deal with jobs outside the national borders with an important operational dimension, an often required condition in large contracts especially related to North Africa.